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Welcome everyone at Send you happiness

On the page, about us, you can read everything about Send you happiness. First of all, we are a collaboration of different companies and disciplines.

We are also able to process larger print runs. As well as designs we can realize for you.

  • Valk & Partners – owner and responsible for implementation and production

We also have a partnership with:

  • Magic Flyer from France, creator and producer of our Magic Flyer / Magic Butterfly
  • Cadeaus en Kaarten, for printing and personalizing your gifts and cards. Also part of Valk & Partners.

With who can you have contact?

Bianca Valk

First born in 1967 and working at Valk & Partners since 1991. Moreover, she has been co-owner since 1993. She is also married to René Fischer and manages the web shops. Bianca also ensures that your order is neatly made, packed and shipped on time.

Furthermore, a co-think tank within the business production of Valk & Partners.

René Fischer

To begin with, he was born in 1963. In addition, he has been working at Valk & Partners since 1992. Furthermore, René has been co-owner since 1994. Of course he is married to Bianca Valk. He is also the contact person for the business productions of Valk & Partners.

But he also takes care of the administration of Gifts and Cards and Send you happiness.

Naomi Fischer

She was born in 1999 and has been working for Valk & Partners since 2021. Naomi is the daughter of René and Bianca. First of all, she mainly manages the implementation of our social media accounts. She also does graphic design, photography and editing.

But she also does not shy away from advice in graphic design and communication. Finally, she is also a student at the moment.

Short lines are of course a fact in our family business. Of course we hope that our company has given you the confidence.

If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact form so that we can give you a suitable answer as soon as possible.

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