Monarch vlinder

Where do the butterflies stay in winter?

Unlike our paper butterflies, you will not encounter any butterflies in the winter.

When temperatures drop in October, it’s time for a quiet spot. There are a few butterflies that look for a nice quiet place to spend the winter as a butterfly. These are the little fox, the peacock’s eye, the lemon butterfly and the chopped aurelia.

When the sun gets a little warmer again, you will see this one first.

Egg, caterpillar, doll or butterfly bed

The other butterflies survive the winter as eggs, caterpillars or pupa. You can find them sometimes between leaves or in a dark quiet dry corner. Butterflies also visit these places, but a special insect house with a butterfly spot is of course ideal. The cavities of trees are also suitable for a nice place to sleep.

Some butterflies seek warmer weather and migrate south. The thistle butterfly and the atalanta are very eager to travel and would not be able to survive here.

A butterfly in the winter, after all

Of course you can make everyone happy in winter by sending a card with a butterfly of your choice. This always brings spring into the house and puts a smile on everyone’s face.

It is also always useful to have a pack of magic butterflies at home. For example, you can give them as a surprise gift in a book or a box. Make sure it’s a success.

Source : – The Dutch Butterfly Foundationting / Photo : Own photo and Adobe Stock