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Magic Flyer Heart with butterflies

Butterflies on your wedding – a magical wedding. Maybe you have always wanted to see butterflies at your wedding?

The magic heart and the Magic butterfly book(incl. Butterflies) is a great final piece for your wedding.

Create a magical and unique butterfly flight!

At the opening of the heart or butterfly, a swarm of Magic Butterflies ascends in all directions and flutters around under everyone’s astonished eyes. The book can be reused several times by reactivating the butterflies again and again. Spread the wings of your imagination and create a moment that will remain in everyone’s mind, far beyond the usual photos and videos.

When romance, tenderness and technique come together to bring you the most amazing finale to your wedding ceremony, a scene that will be the start of a new movie: The Story of your life. Always a nice memento of the most beautiful day.

The Magic Heart is a luxurious case made of 8 heart-shaped pages with a satin ribbon. When opened, this beautiful object transforms into a butterfly with outstretched wings. The magic butterfly book is slightly smaller than the heart but no less beautiful. Printed with an everyday design.

Use it as a reception book or a book with fun annecdotes. This way your magic heart or the magic butterfly book will remain a lasting memory.

Which book is your favorite?

The magic heart comes with 20 butterflies of your choice (2 types of 10 pieces each). The magic butterfly book comes with 10 butterflies (1 species) of your choice. For photos of the butterfly types and our entire range, we would like to refer you to the Magic Flyer Butterfly page.

Watch the video to see what our butterflies can do for you. If you have already used it and you have nice photos or a movie to share. This always makes us happy.

Finally, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them via the contact form.

Butterflies on your wedding – a magical wedding