Celebrate your gender reveal party with butterflies

Celebrate your gender reveal party with butterflies.

How surprising will it not be to see the final result swirling around when you open the book?

10 or 20 butterflies in the gender color of the butterfly species of your choice will fly around and will tell the message. Will it be a boy or girl?

How do you order this?

  • Choose your favorite butterfly book. Will it be the butterfly with 10 Magic Butterflies or the heart with 20 Magic Butterflies.
  • Choose a type of butterfly. We only adjust the color when the gender is passed on by your friends or ultrasound agency. – Please note that you should choose a butterfly that is available in pink or blue.
  • Ask us to arrange the book for you with the corresponding shipping date.
  • Please indicate in the comment field that it concerns a Gender Reveal and we will take this into account.
  • Ask the ultrasound agency or a friend to pass on the results to us, stating your order number.
  • We will then ensure that the book is sent on the date specified by you.