We all say goodbye and it always gives us a melancholy feeling.

A butterfly flight at the funeral

The very first thought often goes to the unexpected and always too early saying goodbye to someone. Often a butterfly is already placed on a mourning card.

Firstly, a butterfly stands for vulnerability, tenderness and an often short life. Subsequently, a butterfly stands for cheerfulness and carefreeness, enjoying life. Finally, a butterfly represents the metamorphosis of life. Starting with an egg, followed by the caterpillar that retreats into a cocoon after which a beautiful butterfly emerges.

Farewell with a butterfly flight during a funeral is also regularly used. Dit kan op een hele mooie manier zonder gebruik van echte vlinders. By means of our butterfly book, a flight of 10 butterflies will take place in one go. A larger flight is possible with the Magic Heart Book, here a flight of 20 butterflies will take place. Of course it is also possible to make a very large butterfly flight by providing each person present with a card with a turned-up butterfly, which are released at a joint moment.

A beautiful butterfly flight as a final greeting. The butterfly can then optionally be taken as a small comfort and moment of memory.

Goodbye with a butterfly flight

Goodbye to a period and a butterfly flight to a new moment.

More and more, the butterfly is also used when saying goodbye to a class, a teacher or a pensioner.

First of all, this is also a period that can be linked to the metamorphosis that the butterfly is going through.

Say goodbye to school with a butterfly flight

A book full of butterfliesthat symbolizes the children of the class. During the flight from group 8 to first grade, they enter a new phase of their lives. Maybe a goodbye to high school and on to a bright future. A caterpillar becomes a butterfly and flies off to a new world full of beautiful discoveries. Give each child the turned-up butterfly in a card as a memento of the beautiful end of the year.

Goodbye with a butterfly flight

Goodbye to the teacher / master

It is exciting every year, especially at primary school. Every child builds a special bond with a teacher at some point in his or her life. Tell the teacher how special that year was with a butterfly flight. In the butterfly book each child can write a nice anecdote or memento and the butterflies symbolize the growth they have made.

We are sure that the teacher will be surprised with this butterfly flight.

Goodbye with a butterfly flight

Saying goodbye to a colleague with a butterfly flight

There are colleagues with whom you have built a nice bond and then the moment approaches when they leave. A new position elsewhere or a new phase, retirement, requires a memorable farewell. A book with a beautiful message from all colleagues from which a symbolic butterfly flight takes off. Everyone deserves such a goodbye.

Goodbye with a butterfly flight