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History of the Magic Butterfly

History of the Magic Butterfly

The Magic Butterfly®


The first was once a genius inventor who came up with a crazy idea. He wanted to seduce that one girl with a beautiful magical butterfly. By combining an ingenious interplay of metal wire, elastic and thin paper. Next he wrote his message on the butterfly’s wings. After he put it in a letter. As last he sent it by post … Finally opening the card, the Magic Butterfly emerged in an extraordinary flight. With this, the magic butterfly told the girl the true feelings of the sender.

The Magic Butterfly®


Probably from this deeply moving love story full of poetry David Vilaplana was born. He is the president-founder of Magic Flyer International. First of all, the Magic Butterfly® is a French invention that is locally manufactured. The mounting of its beautiful wings is part of the social rehabilitation in the prisons of the South of France. This revolutionary invention has become an indispensable item in the communications and events sector. A boundless dedication for The Butterfly magique® to date is “The first flying concept of correspondence history”!

20 years already …


It is under the sun of Provence in France that David Vilaplana founded the Magic Flyer International company on February 2, 1995. Specialized in inventing and creating an innovative product. The Magic Butterfly® is also manufactured and sold here. First of all, the professionals were the first to use this revolutionary French invention. Perhaps a record return was set. Partly due to references such as “THE FIRST FLYING CONCEPT OF THE CORRESPONDENCE HISTORY“. In addition, the Magic Flyer International has progressively proven itself in the retail sector over 20 years. Subsequently, the butterfly regularly visits the communication and events sectors. Magic Flyer International is now located worldwide. The head office is located in the south of France.

Finally, there are 5 European agencies, of which Send you Happiness (Valk & Partners) is one of them. There is also 1 American agency and many exclusive partners.
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You can then read more about how the Magic Butterfly works in the easy-to-use manual.