Instructions for the Magic Butterfly books copyright

Instructions for the Magic Butterfly books

Instructions for use of the Magic Butterfly book it is so easy to surprise your guests.

A wonderfully surprising and unique concept.

  • Place the butterfly firmly on the underside between your thumb and forefinger
  • Turn the top of the butterfly about 40 times completely with your other hand
  • Slide the first butterfly onto the bottom page of the book
  • Do the same with the next butterfly and place it on the page before
  • Repeat this and place 2 butterflies on the last page
  • Do not forget to close the book with the Velcro closure

At the desired moment you open the book and ….. all butterflies fly out of the book.

Of course you can use this more than once and a lot more animal-friendly than a box of real butterflies.

Also watch the video for a visual explanation.

For photos of the butterfly types and our entire range, we would like to refer you to the Magic Flyer Butterfly page.

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