Instructions for use of the Magic Butterfly

Instructions for use Magic Butterfly in a card or other object.

While reading the instructions for the Magic Butterfly you will discover how easy it is.

First of all, the Magic Butterfly is a wonderfully surprising and unique concept. Icoon voor Geverifieerd door de community

  • First, place the butterfly on the underside firmly between your thumb and forefinger.
  • Then turn the top of the butterfly about 40 times completely with your other hand.
  • Third, slide the butterfly into the card and seal the card or slide it into an envelope.
  • TIP: Place the butterfly in a notebook or reading book. This creates a surprising effect.

Finally when the recipient opens the card (or booklet) the butterfly will fly up. This will certainly bring a smile.


Use the Magic Butterflies for all occasions such as birthdays, wedding and birth. But this also gives a special meaning to a funeral. Of course you can use the butterflies several times. Finally, they are also many times more animal-friendly than a box with real butterflies.


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  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask them via the contact form.

Also watch the video below for a visual explanation.