New Concept Butterflies

Magic New Concept Butterflies



Amaze all your family, friends and acquaintances with a beautiful Magic New Concept Butterflies. First of all, you write your own message on a card, gift or other form of support. Then you send it for example by post and the Magic butterfly flies out and surprises the recipients!

Maybe you may add this unique accessory to your wedding reception. You probably let these butterflies fly out of the menus or programs. You may think of another object to let these beautiful butterflies fly out and surprise your recipients.

Instructions for use of our Magic Butterflies.

Brief Instruction:
Hold the bottom of the butterfly and turn 40x the top (short wings) around the axis. This will use up the elastic *. Then you put the butterfly in the card, invitation or a book. Keep it closed until it has been processed in the envelope. After all, this will prevent the butterfly from flying away. Finally, close the envelope and post it.

* Elastic is a natural product, so it can remain effective. The butterfly should be wound up as short as possible before shipping for the best result.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via the contact form. Finally, you can also order personal butterflies with an edition of 500 butterflies.


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