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Magic Butterfly Books

Magic Butterfly Books

First of all, Magic Butterfly Books – including 10 Magic Butterflies as standard is a great item for many events.

The Magic Butterfly Book can accompany many important events (wedding, birthday, fairs, inauguration …). With its elegant design, this butterfly-shaped booklet unleashes a flight of 10 Magic Butterflies in the sky. Use the accompanying butterfly cards for even more magic, for example for the invitations.

The book can accompany many important events such as birth, wedding, birthday, fairs or inauguration. Even during the funeral, this book is considered very valuable. First its elegant design, then a flight of 10 Magical Butterflies in the sky.

Optionally you can use the accompanying butterfly cards for even more magic, for example for the invitations. Spread the wings of your imagination and create a moment that will stay in everyone’s mind. Perhaps much more than the usual photos and videos.

When romance, tenderness and technology come together, this will be the most amazing end of your day. Especially a scene that will be the start of a new movie: The Story of your life.Each book can then be described with, for example, fun anecdotes. The Magic Butterfly Book comes with 10 butterflies of your choice.

For more photos of the butterfly types, we would like to refer you to the Magic Butterflies page.


This beautiful book is handmade. Place the magic butterfly book open on the table, the book will turn into an original “guest book”. Above all, it will be a nice memory of this special day!

Take a look at Operating Instructions of our butterfly books. Of course you can view it in peace. Finally, if you have any questions, you can always contact us via the contact form.


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