“Welkom iedereen bij Send you happiness”

Our first Blog post on Sendyouhappiness.

Liefde voor post

So let’s start by explaining our love of mail.

Firstly, Valk & Partners has been working in the Direct Mail sector for more than 35 years. Not just any Direct Mail, but special printed matter. Mainly Business to Business related.

Then 5 years agoCadeaus en kaarten started to print special products for consumers as well. These products include mugs, bags, woodwork, thermos and much more, each of which we print with your own design. This design can be edited by our customers themselves, after which we print it on the product by means of transfer printing, sublimation or direct to garment.

Magische vlinder

Finally, we got the agency for consumers and companies for the Magic Butterfly. We have been selling these for some time now to consumers in the Netherlands and Belgium. However, there was still no agency in Germany for the consumer sector. We are pleased to say that we can take this on ourselves.

This called for a new webshop and that is how SEND YOU HAPPINESS was born.

Read more about our options and who we are on the about us page.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us via the contact form and we will answer them within 24 hours.

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